Where has September gone?


As we move from the last day of September in to the new month of October, it’s important to reflect on the goings on of the last month. The start of the school year is always tremendously busy. Readjusting to the school schedule, new teachers, new classes and the school work that follows can be a challenge. It is important to remember to congratulate yourself for each success you have had. Small, medium, or large– it doesn’t matter. A success is a success no matter what!

With October quickly approaching (in less than 24 hours), I am reminding you that taking care of your health is vital! Of course with changing weather (one day it’s t-shirts and the next day it’s warm layers) of Saskatchewan, we know that keeping our bodies healthy is essential to feeling good. Keeping our minds healthy is also extremely necessary for overall health. When our minds are healthy we are better able to deal with stress, frustrations, school, friends, family, etc. and keeping our minds healthy also allows us to better deal with any physical illnesses that may come our way.

What do I mean by keeping our minds healthy? Simply, it’s doing what we can to keep our minds in the “green zone”. The ready, alert, feeling relatively ‘ok’ state. How do we do this? By dealing with stress as it pops up, by not putting off work or tasks until the last minute, by allowing for down time or reward time, and in so many other ways. If you want to know more.. come stop by!




The school year is starting….now what?!


The start of the school year brings many feelings that range from excitement to nervousness.. from happiness to (possibly) sadness. Some of us meet the start of the school year with eager readiness and others with great reluctance. All of these feelings are very typical! The best thing that you can do is make sure everyone is set up for success.

Ten Tips for a Successful “Back to School” September
1) Make sure you are organized the night before- Lunches/Backpacks all packed up
2) Be connected- As parents that means knowing what is going on at school each day or week.. As a student that means knowing what is due and when!
3)Get that breakfast in!
4)Try to plan what you’re going to wear for the next day(s)- this is such a time saver in the morning and will help you feel not so rushed. Though, it can be hard to do with our weather.. always a sweater!
5)Keep your schedule as clear as possible. Make sure you have it written or entered in your phone.
6)Sleep- Make sure you’re getting enough of it! This is probably the hardest one. As human beings we need anywhere from 5-10 hours of sleep. Grumpy when you wake up? So tired that even crawling out of bed seems impossible? Then you are not geting enough!
7)Turn your technology off when you sleep! Gasp.. I know.. This impossible suggestion is perhaps one that would ensure you get all the sleep you need! At the very least try not having your phone near your bed.
8)Stick to your schedule! Blocked time for homework, but dont feel like doing it? Do it and then reward yourself with something 🙂
9) Plan ahead
10) and most importantly….. Breathe! Relax! and Enjoy!



The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. ~Robert Maynard Hutchins

Welcome to my Counsellor Corner :)


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